A Conversation with our Chief Commercial Officer

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As part of our 20 Years celebration, we’re sitting down with some of our employees who have been with the business for years – hearing a little bit more about their experience with the company.

This week we sat down with Andrew Fundell, our Chief Commercial Officer who joined the business back in 2013 after being introduced by a mutual connection and he’s never looked back.

What was it about GC Partners that attracted you to the business?

I was introduced by a mutual contact whilst working for another firm. The main attractions were: International offices having a more broad global capacity and the 2 different levels of regulation. Having Global Custodial Services (GCS) as part of the group allowed us to pitch a more diverse client base, especially in the investment world. Beyond this the fact the first was big enough to have good liquidity and pricing, but small enough to be entrepreneurial and nimble.

What have you learned throughout your time at GC Partners?

A LOT! I’ve had a huge exposure to all elements of the business, a significant development from my original role of managing the London office. This has meant I’ve been much more involved in policy creation and development, Client Assets Sourcebook (CASS), safeguarding and risk, as well as business development.

How has GC Partners supported you throughout your career?

They have always supported our ideas to help develop our capabilities and footprint, it is an extremely entrepreneurial firm, that isn’t afraid to try new things. This can be seen with the inception of GCS and new offices globally.

What has kept you at GC Partners all this time?

The people and evolution of the firm, the firm has some great staff who really care about the business. The business has developed significantly in the 10 years that I have been here, which has allowed me to grow and develop with it.  I have never felt the need to look externally for career development. It is a meritocracy, which means good performance is rewarded (often with more work!)

Is there one memory that stands out since you started at GC Partners? If so, what is it?

Probably the annual company seminars, there isn’t one in particular, but we have all had some amazing times on the trips away!

What do you think has contributed to GC Partners’ success in celebrating its 20th year of service?

I think the fact the ethos hasn’t changed as the business has grown, it still feels like a family and the employees genuinely care about the success of the business.

Why would you encourage others to join GC Partners?

Absolutely, I think people who work well in an entrepreneurial environment will succeed here, people who are not afraid of rolling up their sleeves and getting stuck into what is thrown at them. Employees will have a much broader experience than their core role here. Whilst we are putting a lot more structure in place, there is still less than other firms, which I see as a positive

Do you have anything else to add as we celebrate this incredible milestone?

It’s an incredible achievement to have reached 20 years for a business in our industry, and still have the founder involved in the business, which I think has meant that the business has stayed true to its original values of rolling out the red carpet to all clients and partners.

Our service is what sets us apart from the competition and has allowed us to continue to succeed.

If you’d like to find out more about what it’s like working with GC Partners, you can read other experiences here. Or if you’d like to find out more about the business, feel free to get in touch to see how GC Partners might be able to help you.