Whether you’re sending high volumes of international or domestic payments regularly, or making one off payments in multiple currencies, we can help. From royalty payments to payroll or redemptions, you can rely on us.

Taking away your workload

Our mass payment platform allows you to seamlessly upload your bulk payments in
one easy to manage file. Our Check and Fix solution will help you reduce payment failures before they happen.

Validating payments this way can help reduce failure rates, cut down on time and resources resolving returned payments which could result in significant cost savings. Access your payments in real time, track and obtain confirmations instantly.

Limitless Performance

There’s no limit to our mass payments solution, it’s scalable & flexible with the ability to send 100 to 100k payments and can be adapted to meet your specific needs. You spend less time resolving and managing returned payments, helping to save hours in admin costs.
Once set up, you’ll be able to send single, multiple or mass payments with ease via our online platform. The process just got smoother, faster and more cost effective.

Security of funds

Not only are we authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 for the provision of payment services (FRN 504346), we are also an Authorised Payment Institution (API) that puts security and protection of your money at the core of our business.




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