Mitigate currency risk when trading internationally with our Hedging Solutions

We provide an extensive range of hedging solutions that can be tailored to suit your needs and help you best manage exchange rate fluctuation.

Your account manager will work with you to understand and analyse your requirements, then use our hedging software to set appropriate risk levels, provide suitable hedging strategies and thereafter monitor your hedges to ensure your business remains within your desired risk profile. These hedging structures can be adjusted over time to allow for varying levels of market risk exposure, whilst also providing the flexibility you require when transacting internationally.

We will keep you updated with market movements and provide you with market commentary and insight to ensure you have the required tools to make key decisions specific to your business, with a continued focus on protecting your bottom line.

Whether you purchase goods from overseas or need to repatriate income from international sales, GC Partners can assist your business to protect profit margins and reduce uncertainty – giving you the platform to grow your business internationally.

  • Protect your business from currency volatility
  • Plan effectively to ensure profit margins are realised
  • Manage your risk exposure with our simple but effective hedging solutions.




“It’s really important for us to work with a global specialist.”Oliver Harris, Managing Partner, Montreux Capital Management

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