Dedicated to moving money overseas

We move money quickly, reliably and securely, using great foreign exchange rates.

Whether you are buying or selling goods from other countries, or investing in the overseas growth of your own business, we can help. It doesn’t matter how large or small the payments are. From a substantial one off transaction, to regular payments you can rely on us.

Our specialists will work with you to give you a first-class personalised service tailored to your specific needs. Our partnerships with tier 1 banks means you get access to both G10 & exotic currencies at the most favourable rates.

Currency made simple

At GC Partners your money transfers are made easy, transparent and secure, leaving you free to concentrate on your business objectives.

Your account manager can help you transfer money at the current exchange rate. Alternatively, you can do it online, instructing your payment easily, within minutes.*

Currency services, tailor made for your business

  • Arrange FX transactions directly with your account manager, or via your online account.
  • Add and manage beneficiaries easily via your online account, instruct payments out, or use our bulk upload feature for mass payments.
  • View balances, access transaction history, statements and payment confirmations. Making audit trails easy.
  • Increase security and reduce errors with multi-level payment authorisation. Give your team access to view, instruct, and sign-off payments with dual and triple authorisation.

* £10k limit per transaction



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